D12 Nasty Mind歌词

You want me to do what?
What are those?
You want me to stick those in your what?

(Chorus: Bizarre)
What is on your nasty mind?
(Nasty mind, nasty mind)
Don't you wanna get some from behind?
(From behind, from behind)
Then treat me like a dirty slave
(Dirty slave, dirty slave)
And beat me like I won't behave
I just wanna get freaky baby

I'm too Swift on my toes
To get caught up with you hoes
You don't know me (uh huh)
See I ain't gotta front or play the role (for real)
I'm an O.G.
I know when you're being phony
See you're probably boning them officers
Just to pull up on me (slut)
That's why sixty percent of women that's lonely (uh huh)
They getting my mix only
They trying to creep slowly because they nosy
I ain't listen to what my momma told me
I fuck 'em and pass 'em to my homies (right)
Then he fuck 'em and pass 'em to the homies (take her)
I'm a nasty ass macaroni
You flashing fast money
You can pass the Roley
Fuck a alimony (bitch)
If you want me
And ain't out screaming about your monthly
I'll be sticking your pretty ass until you turn ugly (damn)
You suddenly see stars when fucking me
Ain't no ménages
Release your garments (trick)
It ain't even me to hold back
I'll fuck your mom quick
Have her running around this bitch screaming
"That's my dick!!"

Yo, I know I'm dogmatic
But your pussy walls have had it (that's right)
It's evident that you been fucking like a jackrabbit
But I stayed focused (bitch)
So I acted like I didn't notice
And fucked her with no baby lotion
And bust in the soap dish
Hoe, you can quote this
Your breath is smelling like
You done sucked a senior citizen's old dick
Go spit (damn)
You gon' get choked quick
Talking all that hoe shit
All agressive asking for a slow kiss
No bitch (get the fuck outta here)
You like freaking
See you every night creeping
Sucking off the nice deacon
Slut you made his wife leave him (cunt)
So keep slurping
I'll be down to the fullest
But forget it bitch
Your nipples look like AK bullets (I'm out)


(Kon Artis)
Yo, I'm tearing down whatever you built
Your marriage is through
Cuz I answered your wife's door naked
Wrapped in a quilt
Hoes say,
"Kon Artis got a dick so big"
Man, I could persuade any bitch
To have eight of my kids
Shit, bitch
I should be locked up
For having honies' legs cocked up
In the back of my pop's truck
I'm not fucked up
I just got a fetish for shooting
Cumm in coochie
Till the pussy is pooting it back out
I 69'd this one bitch and she bled in my mouth (shit)
Kicked her out
Cleaned the couch out
And beat up my clout
I don't gotta creep in motels
I cheat at my house
See I'm a dog
I don't need to keep a secret hide out (naw)

All night I been snorting
Your age and where you're from
It's just not important (naw)
You look like one of my mistresses
On welfare, ten kids like the rest of my bitches
Dreams of fucking a handicapped bitch
Suck my dick while your teeth start to grit (whore)
Inner slave, that's how I want you to treat me
I ain't into S&M
But I love when you beat me
I told you I was a horny ass freak
While I'm beating my meat
Your daughter acting like she asleep (ya right)
Our love is like thunder and lightning
After it's over
I'm looking like I got my ass kicked by Tyson


I just wanna get freaky baby (repeat)

  • 专辑:Devil's Night
  • 歌手:D12
  • 歌曲:Nasty Mind


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