Mortal Love Beautiful One歌词

Love me like I love you
Show me your paradise
Hold me when I hold you
Desire for you
Kiss my sweet lips
Lead me to the sky

Teach me about all your things
Your flesh, your blood, your you
Tell me my love is enough
Stop running, I'll do
Caress your skin
Like meadows in the wind

Beautiful one

  • 专辑:All the Beauty
  • 歌手:Mortal Love
  • 歌曲:Beautiful One


郭富城 Beautiful Girl歌词

09/18 02:10
Beautiful Girl 郭富城 作曲:JOSE MARI CHAN 作词:陈乐融 歌词编辑:叶泽生 Beautiful Girl在心的那边 是否可以收留 一份纯真的爱 你可知道我的心 站得好远好远 不敢相见 Beautiful Girl如果真有缘 那怕岁月改变 我们纯真的脸 还是幻想某一天 也许明天 明天就能永远 移动我的视线 却不能移动世界 总是傍徨 总是孤单 总是期待 Beautiful Girl如果真有缘 那怕岁月改变 我们纯真的脸 还是幻想某一天 也许明天 明天就能永远 移动我的视

ふくい舞 Beautiful Days歌词

09/18 02:10
幻だったのかな 何度も笑い合った 优しい时间 月日は流れる川のよう 速く 速く 远ざかってくよ いつまでも 手をつないで どこまでも 行きたかった あなたがいなきゃ どんなに幸せでも 淋しいよ Now you're gone Now you're gone 爱しいあの日々を あなたを いつも 思い出してしまう I miss you I miss you 声が听きたい 时间(とき)が过ぎても 何ひとつ愈えない 幻だったのかな 私の肩に寄りかかってきて "背丈がちょうどいい"とか言って い

RAM WIRE Beautiful World歌词

09/18 02:10
Beautiful World 作词:ユーズ・Monch 作曲:ユーズ・Monch・RYLL・couco 子供の顷からね どっかで舍てきれない劣等感 あきらめがはやくて 逃げ道を探す癖 时はだんだんと しぶきジャンジャンと 撒き散らすように现实を淡々と あたしに见せてきた 自分にとってプラスかマイナスか 考えない人はいますか? 未熟さとズルさに胜つ真っ直ぐなモノ 守れていますか? 想像もつかない悲しみがあることを 知っていますか? 大切な人と生きれるこの今は 永远にそこにありますか? 镜を见た

Sean Kingston Beautiful Girls歌词

09/18 02:10
Sean Kingston Beautiful Girls JR! Sean Kingston! Chorus: You're way too beautiful girl That's why it'll never work You'll have me suicidal, suicidal When you say it's over Damn all these beautiful girls They only wanna do your dirt They'll have you s

Super Junior Beautiful (Live)歌词

11/29 04:06
You`re like a Queen and Beautiful I just can`t be with out You Girl You`re like a Queen and Beautiful I just can`t be with out You Girl 처음 봤던 그대 모습 기억해요 수줍은 미소 어색한 말투 잡았던 두손 하루종일 그대의 생각으로 아무것도 할 수가 없어 (미치겠어 나) 눈을 뗄 수 조차 없어 그저 바보처럼 네게 빠져들어가 평생을 함께 발 맞

张悬 Beautiful Woman歌词

09/18 02:29
我拎着小烦恼 扔了背包 心情晾着就变得很好 我是说很好,Man! 忍不住也不能不去招摇招摇 美丽的他刚走过夏天风潮 我偷偷喜欢那味道留下的骄傲 我是说骄傲:Girl- 请准备好随时拥抱 挂起你的外套 开始炫耀 你渴望的一切 都被预告 Beautiful woman Beautiful smile Beautiful woman Beautiful life Beautiful woman, and she's so fine Beautiful woman Beautiful life 我拎着小

Celine Dion Beautiful Boy歌词

09/18 02:29
Close your eyes, Have no fear, The monster's gone, He's on the run And your mummy's here. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Boy, Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Boy. Before you go to sleep, Say a little prayer, Every day in every

V Factory Beautiful Girl歌词

09/18 02:29
It's just another rainy day Somehow I feel it different way It caught me by surprise em.. It's hard for me to believe That it's coming over me It's in every word you say Now I'm running to forever Wonder where the story goes Cuz only you can make me

Beyoncé Beautiful Liar歌词

09/18 02:29
(Ay) (Ay) (Ay, Nobody likes being played) Oh, Beyonce, Beyonce Oh, Shakira, Shakira (Hey) He said, I'm worth it, his one desire I know things about him that you wouldn't want to read about He kissed me, his one and only (Yes) Beautiful Liar Tell me h