Renegade Five Loosing You Senses歌词

To go wherever you want to
To see what’s to see
You need to break down a wall within
Afraid of the darkness you’re feeling inside
You never know when it takes you at night
You try to fight for your life
The dreams are coming alive
You’re in the shadows of your mystery
You need to find your own way
And race your voice in the game
And take control over mind and soul

You’re loosing your senses
No way you can forget the past
The only thing is pain that it cost you
Never let you go
You’re loosing your senses to night

You watch your life passing by
There’s nothing to do
Maybe time will make you whole again
Must forgive all the anger forget all the tears
Move on in other ways and destinies
You shut your eyes once again
You feel the demons are here to stay
You’re on the shadows of your misery
This time you’re falling apart
You’re close to break down and cry
At last the first step to face another day

You’re loosing your senses
No way you can forget the past
The only thing is pain that it cost you
Never let you go
You’re loosing your senses to night

Embrace the sun it makes you smile
Keep you friends and you will stay alive
And all the wars that you fought
Will make a peace in your heart fore once
And the world is waiting just for you

  • 专辑:Underground Universe
  • 歌手:Renegade Five
  • 歌曲:Loosing You Senses


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