Various Artists Zat You Santa Clauss歌词

[ti:Zat You,Santa Claus]
[ar:Louis Armstrong]
[al:Wonderful Christmas]
[00:00.68]Zat You,Santa Claus - Louis Armstrong
[00:08.86]'Zat You, Santa Claus?
[00:19.01]Gifts I'm preparing for
[00:20.97]some Christmas sharing,
[00:22.81]But I pause because,
[00:26.58]Hanging my stocking
[00:28.56]I can hear a knocking.
[00:30.54]'Zat you, Santa Claus?
[00:34.55]Sure is dark out,
[00:36.47]ain't the slightest spark out.
[00:38.35]'Pon my slackened jaw!
[00:42.25]Who's there? Who
[00:43.22]is it stopping for a visit?
[00:46.37]'Zat you, Santa Claus?
[00:50.12]Are you bringing a present for me,
[00:54.05]Something pleasantly
[00:55.57]pleasant for me?
[00:57.91]Then it's just what
[00:58.98]I've been waiting for.
[01:01.66]Would you mind slipping
[01:02.85]it under the door?
[01:05.58]Cold winds are howling,
[01:07.67]or could that be growling?
[01:09.61]My legs feel like straws.
[01:13.36]My my oh me my,
[01:15.26]kindly would you reply?
[01:17.20]'Zat you, Santa Claus?
[01:28.87]Hanging the stocking,
[01:30.42]I can hear a knocking.
[01:32.56]'Zat you, Santa Claus?
[01:43.40]I say, who's there, who is it?
[01:45.96]Are you stopping for a visit?
[01:47.74]'Zat you, Santa Claus?
[01:51.83]Oh there, Santa,
[01:53.07]you gave me a scare.
[01:55.52]Now stop teasing
[01:57.00]cause I know you're there.
[01:59.39]We don't believe in no goblins today,
[02:03.30]But I can't explain why
[02:05.16]I'm shaking that way.
[02:07.40]Bet I can see ole Santa in the keyhole.
[02:10.73]I'll get to the cause.
[02:14.57]One peek and I'll try there;
[02:16.05]oh oh, there's an eye there!
[02:19.19]'Zat you, Santa Claus?
[02:26.30]Please, please, pity my knees!
[02:30.08]Say that's you, Santa Claus!

  • 专辑:Christmas Jazz
  • 歌手:Various Artists
  • 歌曲:Zat You Santa Clauss


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