Jay-Z Why I Love You歌词

(Chorus) (JZ) Picture if you will / That the throne was burning / Rome was burning / And I’m sitting in the corner all alone burning / Why does it always end up like this? / Something that we don’t determine / Same people that I fought for / That I fight for, that I ride for / That I live for, that I die for / Be the reason that these ni**as is alive for and they want me dead / But I’m so sorry but I just can’t die for you / But I can make em put their hands in the sky for you / We waiting for the fireworks like July 4th / Get fly more, get high more, cry boy, why for? / When the grief is over / Beef is over / I’ll be fly when Easter’s over / I tried to teach ni**as how to be kings / And all they ever wanted to be was soldiers / So the love is gone / Til blood is drawn / So we no longer wear the same uniform / F**k you squares / The circle got smaller / The castle got bigger / The walls got taller / And truth be told after all that said / Ni**as still got love for you (Chorus) (JZ) Showed love to you ni**as / You ripped out my heart and you stepped on it / I picked up the pieces / Before you swept on it / God damn this sh*t leaves a mess don’t it / Sh*t feelin’ like death don’t it / Charge it to the game / Whatever’s left on it / I spent about a minute / Maybe less on it / Fly pelican fly / Turn the jets on it / But first I shall digress on it / Wasn’t I a good king? (KW) Maybe too much of a good thing, huh? (JZ) Didn’t I spoil you? / Me or the money, what you loyal to? (KW) Huh, I gave you my loyalty (JayZ) Made you Royalty and royalties (KW) Took care of these ni**as lawyer fees (JZ) And this is how ni**as rewardin me (KW & JZ) Damn (Chorus) (JZ) Bussin’ at me, b-b-b-bussin’ at me / But I’m bullet proof, b**ch you can’t get nothin’ past me / Got body armor (KW) A ni**a gotta watch the throne (JZ) And I’m bussin’ back / So ni**as in a glass house should not throw stones / What do you do when the love turns the hate? (KW) Gotta separate from these f**kin fakes (JZ) Caesar didn’t see it so he ceased to exist / So the ni**a that killed him had keys to his sh*t / Am I my brother’s keeper? (KW) Only if that ni**a don’t creep up (JZ) Got a pistol under my pillow (KW) I’ve never been a deep sleeper (JZ) P-p-p-paranoia (KW) Cause the ni**a that said he’ll... (JZ) Blast for ya (KW) Is now... (JZ) Blastin for ya / That’s an assassin for ya (KW) These ni**as got a shot they’ll shoot (JZ) Please lord (KW) Forgive him (JZ) For these ni**as (KW) Not know (JZ) What they (KW & JZ) Do (Ooh)

  • 专辑:Watch the Throne
  • 歌手:Jay-Z
  • 歌曲:Why I Love You


Lenny Kravitz Boongie Drop (Feat. Jay Z and Dj Military)歌词

09/18 04:20
[ti:Boongie Drop] [ar:Lenny Kravitz] [al:Black and White America (Delux] [offset:0] [00:00.02]Lenny Kravitz - Boongie Drop [00:01.27]. [00:01.64]. [00:02.02]. [00:06.16] [00:19.35]Roll sister, roll on it [00:22.48]Don't let the music stop [00:24.79]G

Jay Brannan Blowin' in the Wind歌词

11/30 03:02
How many roads must a man walk down Before you call him a man? Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand? Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannonballs fly Before they're forever banned? The answer, my friend, is blow

俞思远&B.i.Z 心里有个他歌词

09/18 03:36
心里有个他 - B.I.Z 词曲:钟逊 谁在乎我理解的爱情 对不对又需要谁肯定 我们隔着玻璃 彼此用力呼吸 错了还要继续 全世界反对我也要你 就算没有完美的结局 那些流言蜚语 让他随风而去 唱出了平凡的爱情 我心里有一个他 他不停对我说话 拥抱代替了回答 我听见你的回答 简单的和我一样 我心里有一个他 别当我们是傻瓜 就算不停地挣扎 握紧的手不放下 为什么还不一样 我们选择这路上 谁在乎我理解的爱情 对不对又需要谁肯定 我们隔着玻璃 彼此用力呼吸 错了还要继续 全世界反对我也要你 就算没有完美的

Nik & Jay Laer Mig at Elske Dig歌词

09/18 04:20
Ho, straight up Jeg har aldrig elsket en pige 我从未爱上一个女孩 Såd'n rigtig, 这是真的 Hvad skulle jeg bruge det til? 我该如何去爱? Det kun mig selv der er vigtig 对我来说这很重要. Hvad skal jeg med kærlighed, Når jeg kan score penge dær? 当我可以赚钱的时候,我需要对爱情做些什么? Hvad skal jeg

Jay Sean Do You Remember (Original)歌词

09/18 05:20
Jay Sean Ft. Sean Paul & Lil Jon - Do You Remember (Lyrics by wikison) Maximal R&B - The Freshest & Hottest R&B/ Hip-Hop Music Hey! Jay Sean Yeah! Sean Paul Let's go ahh! This one right here is for all the ladies Ladies who want to take it

Nik & Jay Kan Du Høre Hende Synge歌词

09/18 06:01
Ka du høre hende synge Jay Hun var 10 år gammel, da hun skriftede skole igen 3. gang på 2 år - det var rutine for hende Og hun vidste udmærket godt hvad der ventede hende, da hun tog hjemmefra. Det samme show, det samme had, de samme kommentarer Hun

B'z 今夜月の見える丘に歌词

09/18 05:53
作詞:稲葉浩志 作曲:松本孝弘 たとえば どうにかして 君の中 ああ 入っていって その瞳から僕をのぞいたら いろんなことちょっとはわかるかも 愛すれば 愛するほど 霧の中 迷いこんで 手をつないだら 行ってみよう 燃えるような月の輝く丘に 迎えにゆくから そこにいてよ かけらでもいい 君の気持ち知るまで 今夜僕は寝ないよ 痛いこと 気持ちいいこと それはみんな人それぞれで ちょっとした違いにつまづいて またしても僕は派手にころんだ 傷ついて やっとわかる それでもいい 遅くはない 手をつないだ

Nik & Jay Your Body (Wrote This Song)歌词

09/18 04:34
Your body (wrote this song) NIK: I got a new sound for all the freaks you heard me right, it's for free it's simply l-o-v-e they call me "the recession killer" you & I togehter we're smokin', right? I'm feelin' like a white rastafari & y

Jay Sean Stuck In The Middle 歌词

09/18 03:05
Im just sitting here, tryint to Forget about all those years, and I I can't take the thought of him Alone with you (alone with you) Its been a year or so, and you Moved on and left me cold, and I I wish that I could let you know That I still got a th

Jay Brannan Everywhere There’s Statues歌词

09/24 15:58
I woke up in a coma in someone else's way Choked on the aroma of a world in decay Thought I heard laughing as my knees hit the ground Saw nothing but shadows racing all around Hey one of these shadows come rescue me I need a little bit of darkness to