Toni Braxton Finally歌词



  • 专辑:Libra
  • 歌手:Toni Braxton
  • 歌曲:Finally


Toni Braxton Yesterday歌词

12/27 14:41
Yesterday Oh ohh noo ohh ohh Gave you the benefit of the doubt Till you showed me what you were about Your true colors came out Oh ohh And your words couldn't hide the scent Cuz the truth about where you've been Is in a fragrance I can't recognize St

Toni Braxton Candlelight歌词

01/10 17:29
Braxton Toni Toni Braxton Candlelight (Gaylor D., John Barnes) Lonely in bed At night And it never feels right I toss and turn Each night Till the morning light But just the thought of you Sends chills up and down my spine Just knowing you'll be here

Toni Braxton Please歌词

12/27 17:09
Toni Braxton - Please I know you watchin' All over here, Tryin' to find a way to Come undo my situation But you should know this: It's all good so be cool Tell your girl I don't care to fight I got him locked, and he's all mine So you should know bet

Toni Braxton Woman歌词

01/05 18:05
I worked late but you don't wait up My bones ache and i'm cleaning the place up Sometimes i wonder if know i'm there I sit down take off my make-up I lay down but you don't wake up Sometimes i wonder if you even care I can't remember the last time yo

Toni Braxton Sweat歌词

12/28 15:41
There you go, there you go girl Don't you start with me Cause I don't really wanna hear it now Let it go, let it go girl What we keep fighting about It's feeling like a merry go round Pre-Chorus: I don't really wanna I don't really wanna think or tal

Toni Braxton I Wanna Be (Your Baby)歌词

12/28 18:57
i wanna be (your baby)" i'm gonna put it out there. lay it on the line. and even if it breaks my heart. i'm giving it a try. not waiting fot tomorrow confessing it today so baby here it goes i'm out of time. it's do or die. i wanna be your baby won't

Toni Braxton Fairy Tale歌词

12/28 19:57
And if I was wrong, I know I don't deserve this [如果我做错了,我不配得到这些] Don't stay too long, I need to hear those words you use to tell me [不要等太久,我需要听到那些曾经你讲过的话] From way back when we were just friends [当我们还是朋友的时候] Before this love affair began [在这场恋爱开始之前 ]

Toni Braxton Trippin' (That's the Way Love Works)歌词

01/11 22:52
Title: Trippin Artist: Toni Braxton LRC :laoba in't nobody ever pve their love when Things were l good And two people are smiling Love found way down in the trches Wh he's thwin a fit And she sittin there crying We tear it up To patch it up Break up

Toni Braxton Un-Break My Heart歌词

12/27 04:32
Don't leave me in all this pain 别让我在痛苦中 Don't leave me out in the rain 别让我在风雨里 Come back and bring back my smile 回来吧 带回我的微笑 Come and take these tears away 带走这些泪水 I need Your arms to hold me now 我需要你的手臂抱着我 The nights are so unkind 夜晚是这么的无情 Bring back