Rosie Thomas Lorraine歌词


Looks like tears again
But they'll never get you far
things are just the way they are
So let it go and say you tried
one last goodbye


so much life left in your veins
What goods a heart if it's unclaimed
Can nothing ever stay the same
Why do good friends go away
No more turnpikes
New york street lights
No more plane flights for lorraine


mother warned you of such things
Love can give and take away
People words can rearrange
with so much left to say

  • 专辑:When We Were Small
  • 歌手:Rosie Thomas
  • 歌曲:Lorraine


Rosie Thomas October歌词

10/15 00:18
rosie thomas october make her a flower in late december when the sun is not shining on her write her a love song and play it all day long to remind her of all that she is worth never never leave her take her on long drives for ice-cream by sea sides

Rosie Thomas Tomorrow歌词

10/16 11:57
tomorrow what if i told you 如果告诉你为什么 i could lose you? 我可能失去你 if i waited, 如果我等待 tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow 明天 明天 明天 may be too late 也许太迟 birds fly above you 鸟儿在你的上面飞翔 love is around you 爱围绕着你 i would like to be too 我也想要这样 forever, forever and ever

Rosie Thomas River歌词

09/25 09:50
It's coming on christmas They're cutting down trees They're putting up reindeer And singing songs of joy and peace Oh i wish i had a river I could skate away on But it don't snow here It stays pretty green I'm gonna make a lot of money And i'm gonna

Rosie Thomas Farewell歌词

10/14 07:38
Farewell so long cause I was wrong I guess Farewell so long cause I was wrong I confess I miss the way you I miss the way you danced with me I miss the way you I miss the way you danced with me So farewell my love Cause I was wrong I guess Farewell s

Rosie Thomas Tired歌词

09/19 11:02
What if I were to say I love you if I believed it to be true would it be my downfall wither all my pride to admit my world seems lonely without you what if I ignored these voices that seem to spread me mightly thin I know my saviour I need to get out

Rosie Thomas Charlotte歌词

10/08 04:09
Charlotte you're not getting any younger Look at how much you've changed Charlotte you used to be much happier But it's not you that's to blame Charlotte you let him push you round And you're falling apart at the seams One day he'll get just what he

Rosie Thomas Songbird歌词

10/06 06:20
songbird yu...................... for you they'll be no more crying for you the sun will be shining cause i feel that when i'm with you so right i know it's right to you i would give the world to you i'll never be cold cause i feel that when i'm with

Rosie Thomas Crazy歌词

10/15 03:35
Crazy, crazy is what they've all said Craziness lives in my head Craziness lies in my bed Worry, worrying about everything Worrying it makes me insane So much it drives me away Lonely, loneliness follows me around Loneliness drags me down Still lonel

Rosie Thomas Christmastime Is Here歌词

10/16 04:23
Christmas time is here Happiness and cheer Fun for all that children call Their favorite time of the year Snowflakes in the air Carols everywhere Olden times and ancient rhymes Of love and dreams to share Sleigh bells in the air Beauty everywhere Yul