The War on Drugs Red Eyes歌词

Come and see
Where are we
This everything

On my knees
to beat it down to get to my soul

I guessed my way
Anyone can tell it's you coming
But baby, don't mind
Leave it on the line
Leave it all your own way (?)

Come and ride away
It's easier to stick to the earth
Surrounded by the night
Surrounded by the night and you don't go home

But you abuse my faith
Losing every time but I don't know where
You're on my side again
So ride the key(?) wherever it goes
I'll be the one, I can't, whoo!

You're all I've got to wait
You're running in the dark
when I come to my sense

Well you can see it through the darkness
coming my way
Well we won't get lost inside again babe

Ooo eeee

Oh no, no season, I can't wait
Made of iron, made of wood
I can't hear
Don't think we would mind
against it
I would keep you here, but I can't
Oh, I'll talk to you if I can find you now
I will see you wherever I go babe

Yeah, woah!

She's on my side again
The easy way
I come to my sense
Walking in the downtown talks to my soul
They won't get lost inside again
On my way
I can see it in the darkness combing my mind
Well we're here
Don't get lost inside
Yeah you won't get lost inside at all
You're on my way

  • 专辑:Lost in the Dream
  • 歌手:The War on Drugs
  • 歌曲:Red Eyes


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