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Within Temptation Shot In The Dark歌词

10/19 02:10
I've been left out alone like a damn criminal 我就像一个无所不为的罪犯无人搭理 I've been praying for help 'cause I can't take it all 我一直祈求帮助因为我无法独自承受这一切 I'm not done 我不会善罢甘休 It's not over 这一切从未结束 Now I'm fighting this war since the day of the fall 在沉沦之日我就不断奋起抗争 And

Augustana Shot In the Dark歌词

09/20 08:51
I had a reason for the life that was ahead of me I had a reason, had a rhyme, had a destiny I thought i knew where was heading I would never look back I had it all and then i went and let it slip away I'm working overtime, I'm gonna make it anyway. S

Houston Calls A Shot in the Dark歌词

09/24 22:58
I'm leaving loves behind While finding time to rhyme Mistakes with what's at stake No, that's just too contrived Can I get a little taste of your lips so I feel alive? Can you offer up the same uncertainty that I define? Are you up for keeping in tou

A Day to Remember A Shot in the Dark歌词

10/14 07:38
Lets take them back to the days When we were family My breath was your breath, when we were young I think it's funny how the times have changed Throw being jealous in the mix And now all I know of you is a name Couldn't have came at a better time Thi

Ozzy Osbourne Shot in the Dark歌词

10/17 14:11
Shot in the Dark 盲目枪火 [歌词] Out on the street I'm stalking the night I can hear my heavy breathing Paid for the kill But it doesn't seem right Something there I can't believe in 游荡街头 追逐黑夜 耳畔回荡 沉重叹息 杀戮代价 沉默无语 空虚无物 背离信仰 Voices are calling from inside my

We Shot the Moon Amarillo歌词

09/19 09:00
We Shot The Moon - Amarillo LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang I can never say this right But I want want these words to be true. I will always fight the fight I will always sing for you. Is this moment out of reach Or the conversation done? Theres s

Lady Antebellum Just A Kiss歌词

09/18 03:05
Lying here with you so close to me It's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe caught up in this moment caught up in your smile I've never opened up to anyone So hard to hold back when I'm holding you in my arms We don't need t

Owl City Take It All Away歌词

10/15 00:08
Take It All Away Owl City There was a shot in the dark, I was caught by surprise There was a hole in my heart, There were tears in your eyes And there was nothing to say, Cause you made up your mind And so I guess what you meant When you left was goo

Green River Ordinance On Your Own歌词

09/18 05:16
On Your Own Green River Ordinance Watchin the time go the second hand is movin to fast Who ever thought that it ever really ever would last And if your conscience weighs a little heavy tonight Maybe you'll find it maybe you'll find Nobody told you th

A Rocket to the Moon Mr. Right歌词

11/29 06:40
My girlfriend's got a boyfriend, funny He doesn't make a dime all day And all her girlfriends' boyfriends make money What more can i say It's true He never made it through a day of school The only thing he studied was you He knows your body better th

Florence and the Machine Shake It Out歌词

09/18 03:43
Florence And The Machine - Shake It Out Regrets collect like old friends Here to relive your darkest moments I can see no way, I can see no way And all of the ghouls come out to play And every demon wants his pound of flesh But I like to keep some th

Howie Day No One Else to Blame歌词

10/14 03:35
If I had to choose to either bleed or bruise i wouldn't hesitate cause i've been there If you had a doubt if I was in or out I wouldn't hesitate cause I've been there All my life is speeding up I swear I'm never giving up on you--huuu Under the light

Peppertones Galaxy Tourist歌词

11/29 14:02
just the other night, i was sitting alone staring at the starry sky dreaming someone would take away my worries and sadness hold me by the hand high up from the sky, with a brilliant light a spaceship came descending someone came out to me and i am s

Savannah Outen Just a Kiss歌词

09/18 05:36
[ti:Just a Kiss] [ar:Savannah Outen] [al:The Covers, Vol. 1] [by:] [offset:0] [00:01.29]Just a Kiss - Savannah Outen [00:14.91]Lying here with you so close to me [00:19.29]It's hard to fight these feelings [00:22.18]when it feels so hard to breathe [

Sleater-Kinney You're No Rock N' Roll Fun歌词

10/12 08:44
You're no rock n' roll fun like a party that's over before it's begun You're no walk in the park more like a shot in the dark with clues left for no one And all the boys in the band know how to get down fill our Christmas socks with whiskey drinks an

Delegation Darlin' (I Think About You)歌词

09/26 13:50
Timbuk 3 Big Shot In The Dark Wake Up Little Darlin' Dreamers, anxious little dreamers Wrestling with their demons They toss and turn in desperate confrontation Lightning, some are scared of lightning But there's nothing quite so frightening As a chi

Cinder Road Drift Away歌词

09/18 05:56
A perfect frame, a picture faded A shot in the dark, took a chance And kept on waiting for you Another day gone and wasted The fear of being alone I can't take it no more Maybe it's time that we start looking For something different It seems you and

Korbee Better Life歌词

09/25 01:31
Better Life - Korbee I keep looking at these walls waiting for a change Something to turn it around and take away the pain I wanna see through the smoke and mirrors that are keeping me up at night I wanna make good on what I promised and look you in

George Benson Stairway to Love歌词

10/06 03:02
You were the owner of a broken heart. You didn't know that I was falling in love from afar Every morning, wiping tears from your eyes You never dreamed someone was watching and heard every cry What are the odds of a fool finding in love It's a one in

Alex Band Cruel One (feat. Chantal Kreviazuk & Emmy Rossum)歌词

10/06 16:17
Love is a cruel one It's one in a million Before you know It'll come and go By so fast? I climbed the stairs to your hotel Knew you were there cause I could smell Your scent blowing in the winter And I Opened the door and saw the mess Among the ruins