queen of the lot歌词翻译

Various Artists Witch Queen Of New Orleans歌词

05/03 00:36
[ti:The Witch Queen Of New Orleans] [ar:Various Artists] [al:Pure... America] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.39]The Witch Queen of New Orleans - Redbone [00:10.22]Marie, Marie, da voodoo veau, she'll put a spell on you-ou [00:14.64] [00:15.22]Marie, Marie,

TAIBIAN Queen (Soft Edit ver.)歌词

05/03 18:43
[ti:Queen] [ar:] [al:Queen] [offset:0] [00:00.52] - Queen [00:14.77] MY Queen [00:18.08] My Queen [00:21.65] my Queen [00:25.03] [00:29.40]1 2 3 [00:32.99] [00:36.50] ( ) [00:40.23] [00:43.35]My Queen [00:46.17] ( ) [00:50.10]Breaking [00:53.48] [00:

Whitney Houston Queen Of The Night歌词

04/28 02:57
I've got the stuff that you want I've got the thing that you need I've got more than enough To make you drop to your knees Cause I'm the queen of the night The queen of the night Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah Don't make no difference if I'm wrong or I'm

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody (live)歌词

05/20 06:43
artist: queen album : a night at the opera (c)1975 song : bohemian rhapsody (mercury) mama, just killed a man, put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger, now hes dead, mama, life had just begun, but now ive gone and thrown it all away - mama, ooo

The Spring Standards Queen of the Lot歌词

04/27 23:22
Aren't you sweet? I love you too Anything you need Just do what you do There's no one like you Far between And oh so few Say that you'll stay Several hours Several days You light up a room And when you leave It's always too soon Why not have it all?

自然卷 Queen of the world歌词

03/18 00:47
queen of the world 早上骑车撞到一只狗 啦啦啦啦 i am queen of the world 牠卷起尾巴 张大嘴巴对我吼 啦啦啦啦 i am queen of the world 说为甚么我不遵守交通规则 啦啦啦啦 i am queen of the world 我说...阿某你是咩安? 啦啦啦啦 i am queen of the world 走路不小心踩到一只猫 啦啦啦啦 i am queen of the world 牠竖起尾巴 翘起胡子对我喵 啦啦啦啦 i am q

Queen Somebody to Love歌词

05/15 10:52
Somebody to Love(找个人来爱) By Queen(皇后乐队) Can anybody find me somebody to love(有谁能帮我找个人来爱) Each morning I get up I die a little(每日清晨在痛苦中苏醒) Can barely stand on my feet(灵魂摇摇欲坠,无法呼吸) Take a look at yourself(看看你自己) Take a look in the mirror and cry(相对镜中的自己

Queen Latifah Ladies First歌词

05/18 07:43
[ti:Ladies First] [ar:初音ミク&巡音ルカ] [al:OSTER project] [00:02.73]I wanna be your number one [00:08.18]「Ladies First」 [00:11.99]作詞:OSTER project [00:14.78]作曲:OSTER project [00:17.26]編曲:OSTER project [00:18.88]唄:初音ミク・巡音ルカ [00:19.00] [00:20.85]悪ふざけのキスをひとつ

Queen Sheer Heart Attack歌词

03/31 16:15
Sheer Heart Attack Queen (Roger Taylor) Well you're just seventeen and all you want to do is disappear You know what I mean there's a lot of space between your ears The way that you touch don't feel no nothing Hey hey hey hey it was the D.N.A. Hey he

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury)歌词

05/10 12:26
[ti:bohemian rhapsody] [ar:Queen] [al:bohemian rhapsody] [offset:0] [00:57.29]Mama, just killed a man, Put a gun against his head [01:06.78]Pulled my trigger, now he's dead [01:10.46]Mama, life had just begun [01:17.07]But now I've gone and thrown it

Ott The Queen of All Everything歌词

04/27 00:01
Wooaaooeeaooowuh Wuoo-o-aaaaaa-aua-haaaa-a-a-eouw wa-ahaaieeaaaoooow Wuaaa-ua-aa-aa-ouh, wha-e-a-a-a-aa-aa-aoohh a-a-a-aaooow Haaaoowaaaaeh, meeuu-u-woaaaoou Whaa-u-aa-aa-aee-eaaooauw Wha-e-woom Wwwuuuoooooaaaaaeeaaaoooou-n-h Yeeeeeaaaaaeooooooouuu-u

Bobby Darin Queen Of The Hop歌词

05/01 00:29
(#9 in 1958) Well, you can talk about your Julie and your Peggy Sue. You can keep your Miss Molly and your Mary Lou. Can your prom do the chicken or doin' the bop? I got a girl they call the queen of the hop. (chorus) Oh well I love my queen. Do you

Queen Stone Cold Crazy歌词

03/27 09:05
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:00.74]MOMO制作~永远支持乔乔~ [00:22.00]Sleeping very soundly on a saturday morning [00:23.57]I was dreaming i was al capone [00:25.70]Rumors going round, gotta clear out of town [00:27.60]Smell like a dry fishbone [00:29.53]Here come th

Queen Keep Yourself Alive歌词

05/02 15:21
Keep Yourself Alive Queen I was told a million times Of all the troubles in my way How I had to keep on trying Little better ev'ry day But if I crossed a million rivers And I rode a million miles Then I'd still be where I started Bread and butter for

Persephone's Bees Queen's Night Out歌词

05/08 13:54
she looks at the world through her glasses and all she sees dirty big spot she goes out with two foreign guys and she likes it she takes her daddy's money she spends it on, well, junk she goes out with different girls if you ask what she wants she'll

Queen & Elizabeth Love□Wars歌词

05/02 10:45
最強 戀してる いつだって キミだけ Yeah Yeah (Love is strong Girls go on! ...Yeah Yeah) 「勝ち」にこだわりたいじゃない ウワサのアイツみたいに 一度ハ一ト 盜まれたら Get started 戀のメモリブレイク 最強 戀してる いつだって キミだけ Yeah Yeah かなり勇氣だして'HELLO' こっちから仕掛けるわ どうしてなの反應ゼロ Can not believe 戀のメモリ 激アツBOY 入手したい Your number この

Queen The Millionaire Waltz歌词

05/02 15:23
The Millionaire Waltz Queen (Freddie Mercury) Bring out the charge of the love brigade There is spring in the air once again Drink to the sound of the song parade There is music and love everywhere Give a little love to me (I want it) Take a little l

Queen Brighton Rock Solo歌词

04/27 08:15
brighton rock solo - Queen Happy little day Jimmy went away Met his little Jenny on a public holiday A happy pair they made so decorously laid 'Neath the gay illuminations all along the promenade It's so good to know there's still a little magic in t

Queen Radio Ga Ga歌词

05/03 01:29
artist: queen album: greatest hits ii title: radio ga ga i'd sit alone and watch your light my only friend through teenage nights and everything i had to know i heard it on my radio. you gave them all those old time stars through wars of worlds - inv

Ivy Queen Miles de Voces歌词

05/01 11:06
... Ivy Queen... And Tropicals trouls Yea ... destruay... Entrando la sola Que la queena viene Quiero habrán paso Entra en la mente de esta demente Que será buscada por toda la gente Siento miles de voces en mi cabeza Y ninguna a mi me puede ayudar .