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Soundtrack San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)歌词

05/02 19:32
Scott McKenzie - San Francisco( be sure to wear some flowers in your hair ) If you're going to San Francisco如果你要到舊金山 Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair記得在頭上戴幾朵花 If you're going to San Francisco如果你要到舊金山 You're gonna meet some gentle people ther

Scott McKenzie San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)歌词

05/15 12:13
San Francisco( be sure to wear some flowers in your hair ) If you're going to San Francisco Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair If you're going to San Francisco You're gonna meet some gentle people there For those who come to San Francisco Summ

Sugababes Wear My Kiss (Original Mix)歌词

05/06 02:32
Da da da da da da da da ba da da da da da da da da da da I like the tie, around your neck I'll make you look so good in it. I'm like the watch, around your wrist Just wind me up and watch me tick tock tick I'm just a pretty little thing that'll make

Various Artists Wear My Ring Around Your Neck歌词

04/30 23:26
[ti:Wear My Ring Around Your Neck] [ar:Various Artists] [al:1958 British Hit Parade Part 1] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.89]Wear My Ring Around Your Neck - Elvis Presley [00:07.44]Won't you wear my ring around your neck? [00:11.31] [00:12.25]To tell the w

U-Roy Wear You to the Ball歌词

04/29 09:48
[ti:Wear You To The Ball (1991 Digital Remaster)] [ar:U-Roy] [al:Rasta Ambassador] [offset:0] [00:01.14]Wear You To The Ball (1991 Digital Remaster) - U-Roy [00:12.28]I`m gonna wear you to the ball tonight [00:16.70] [00:17.80]Put on your best dress

Jeri Southern I'll Wear the Green Willow歌词

03/26 19:42
I'll wear the green willow My true love is gone Alas my true love has gone There's tears on my pillow I cry till the dawn I'll wear the green willow My true love is gone I'll wear the green willow Until he returns Until until he returns There's tears

Odyssey Use It Up And Wear It Out歌词

05/10 09:50
Shake shake your body down Oh shake Skae your bod down Oh shake Everybody - all you people gather 'round And get your body busy - move it up and groove it down We're gonna use it up - gonna wear it out Ain't nothin' left in this whole world I care ab

These Kids Wear Crowns Skeletons歌词

05/19 03:19
[00:00.00] [00:00.48]These Kids Wear Crowns - "Skeletons" [00:11.75]. [00:27.37]We have to do this and do that to get our bodies moving [00:31.43]With one kiss we fall flat and do it over again [00:34.87]We-we take something for nothing we take

Oceanship Don't Wear Me Out 歌词

05/04 04:32
All the fear and dust it covers Grab your hats and take your lovers inside All the fog and rain it ruins Take your laughs and take your doings inside Though all the nation's chiefs divided I can feel the rays still shining I can feel the rainbows com

Vetiver Worse For Wear歌词

04/28 20:49
Worse For Wear by Vetiver forget about the things she did her careless ways, her secrets hid well now you're free, no worse for wear to find someone who really cares oh all of that'll feel right, oh that'll feel right they tell me now, and it might b

Rod Stewart You Wear It Well歌词

05/02 14:23
I didn't know what day it was when you walked into the room I said hello unnoticed You said goodbye too soon Breezing through the clientele spinning yarns that were so lyrical I really must confess right here the attraction was purely physical I took

The Detroit Emeralds Wear This Ring (With Love)歌词

03/26 22:34
Wear this ring with love forever Wear this ring with love This ring means I love you And this ring means you love me too It's a ring to seal our love together You for me, me always for you And you be my woman And, baby, I'll be your man If you just w

Brian Culbertson Wear It Out歌词

05/02 15:22
Smart ass little girl,Always on the run,Playing with fire and daddy's gun.Falling in love,on stolen wine.Where did we go wrong,my foolish child?She saidI'm too young to drink,too green to think,you say these thingsand it wears me out.Too young,too fr

손담비 Wear the wrinkly clothes歌词

04/27 21:17
[ti:Wear the wrinkly clothes] [ar:孙丹菲] [al:Mini Album] [offset:0] [00:02.67] - [00:20.51] [00:24.45] [00:25.27] [00:29.21] [00:29.95]It's OK I'm OK [00:31.33] [00:32.21] [00:34.31] [00:37.30] [00:39.06] [00:40.55] [00:41.12] [00:42.86] [00:43.49] [00

Cobra Starship The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades歌词

03/25 05:07
I study nuclear science, i love my classes I got a crazy teacher who wears dark glasses Things are going great, and they're only getting better I'm doing all right, getting good grades The future's so bright i gotta wear shades I gotta job waiting fo

These Kids Wear Crowns I Wanna Dance With Somebody歌词

05/05 02:08
The clock strikes upon the hour, And the sun begins to fade, There's still enough time to figure out, How to chase my blues away, I've done alright up till now, It's the light of day that shows me how, And when the night falls the loneliness calls. C

These Kids Wear Crowns Lifetime歌词

05/20 16:01
[00:00.00] [00:00.27]These Kids Wear Crowns - "Lifetime" [00:03.29]. [00:03.78]She knows, we all have to grow old, [00:08.86]And walk the winding road, [00:12.06]The fires we burn go cold. [00:17.06]Today, she stumbles on her way, [00:22.07]To f

These Kids Wear Crowns Jumpstart歌词

05/01 16:07
Broke. Ain't got no money, dont know where to go. Just sittin' staring at the stereo. I think we better turn it UP,turn it UP ,turn it UP Loud. Cause lately i've been feeling kind of low. Let's blow the speakers on the radio; Cause tonight we're gonn

These Kids Wear Crowns Break It Up (Acoustic)歌词

05/01 20:16
[ti:Break It Up] [ar:These Kids Wear Crowns] [al:Jumpstart] [00:00.16]These Kids Wear Crowns - Break It Up [00:00.47] [00:01.28]I'd like to see you on a big yellow bike [00:04.22]With two training wheels tightly [00:06.20]Holding yourself as you brea

黄莺莺 大家说华语歌词

05/01 09:15
[ti: 大家说华语] [ar:黄莺莺] [al:] [00:08.27] 我家要进步 [00:10.95] 语言要沟通 [00:14.61] 就从今天起 [00:17.22] 大家说华语 [00:21.62] 不分男和女 [00:25.39] 不分老和少 [00:28.63] 不再用方言 [00:31.34] 大家说华语 [00:35.85] 听一听,说一说 [00:39.27] 开口说几句 [00:42.83] 多亲切,多便利 [00:46.27] 简单又容易 [00:55.58] 我家要进