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Natalie Taylor It's Ok歌词

05/04 22:57
Just one deep breath before I say what I have to say It only hurts me to live this way Holding on to yesterday Do you remember the days Riding shotgun and the songs we sang Driving to nowhere for a firefly chase Did you ever think it'd end this way C

Natalie Taylor Run Away歌词

05/04 22:57
I've tried everything I can To make you see what's right in front of your hands And I can't fake it, it's taken everything just to make it You force me out just like a fire I just can't stand around, watching us burn down And I, I can't control it, f

Allan Taylor House By The River歌词

05/10 12:51
[歌曲:House By The River] 歌手:Allan Taylor 专辑:Colour To The Moon [By:Best_singer.o(∩_∩)o..献给] You traded all your lovers for a house by the river And all those sweet deceptions and one more broken vow And the dark-eyed poets who promised you forever Tel

Ray Charles Fever歌词

05/02 17:26
歌名:fever 歌手:ray charles/natalie cole 专辑:genius loves company never know how much i love you never know how much i care when you put your arms around me i get a fever that's so hard to bear you give me fever when you kiss me fever when you hold me tig

The Cranberries You & Me歌词

05/03 19:34
"You And Me" Im not going out tonight cos I dont want to go I am staying at home tonight cos I dont want to know You revealed a world to me and I would never be Dwelling in such happiness, your gift of purity Eh-ee-oh, eh-ee-oh, eh-ee-oh, eh-ee-

Björk Hidden Place歌词

03/25 08:24
Through the warmthest Cord of care Your love was sent to me I'm not sure What to do with it Or where to put it I'm so close to tear And so close to Simply calling you up And simply suggesting We go to the hidden place That we go to the hidden place W

The Beach Boys The Private Life Of Bill And Sue歌词

03/21 22:05
]The private life of Bill and Sue Can you dig what I'm telling you ? No one knows just why we care We see their faces everywhere The strangest story you ever knew The private life of Bill and Sue From California to Mexico Everybody's just gotta know

Future Leaders of the World Unite歌词

03/25 16:29
12 shades of gray Every life this day A single fraction Of amazing Dreams I'd like to tell you In songs of paradise Well, the earth you knows right here But the oil's running dry So we'll laugh cry At the same time Come heal the wounds When there's n

Natalie Me Faltas Tu歌词

05/06 02:20
Me Faltas Tu 我缺少了你 by Natalie Desde el primer dia que te fuiste me falto tu amor 从第一天你离去时 我少了你的爱 Fue un gran golpe a mi corazon fue un gran dolor 是个重大的打击在我的心 一个很大的伤痛 Arrependita por dejarte ir tengo admitir me faltas tu 后悔让你走 我承认我缺少了你_ Baby ahora si

Natalie Goin' Crazy歌词

05/03 06:01
Natalie Going Crazy Ever since the day you went away 自从你走的那天 and left me lonely and cold 留下我孤独冷寂 my life just hasn't been the same 我的生活立刻变了样 oh baby no 喔 宝贝 不要 when i looked into your eyes 当我深深注视着你 the moment that i let you go i just broke down 让你走掉的

Natalie Where Are You歌词

04/29 12:49
I know you're out there baby Somewhere There's someone out there for me (I know there's somebody out there) I know she's waiting so patiently Can you tell her name (Won't somebody tell me her name) This lifelong search is going to drive me insane (Th

Natalie Gauci Apologize歌词

05/04 19:12
Apologize - Natalie Gauci I'm holding on your rope, Got me ten feet off the ground And I'm hearing what you say But I just can't make a sound You tell me that you need me Then you go and cut me down, but wait.. You tell me that you're sorry Didn't th

Natalie Energy歌词

04/01 02:33
natalie - energy energy, digging on your energy energy, digging on your energy energy, digging on your energy? (energy) boy, i'm digging on your energy (energy) and i'm digging what you telling me (telling me) so i wrote this little melody dedicated

James Taylor You've Got a Friend歌词

04/27 13:14
You've got a friend When you're down and troubled And you need a helping hand And nothing, nothing is going right Close your eyes and think of me And soon I will be there to brighten up even your darkest nights You just call out my name And you know

Taylor Berrett Whole Heart歌词

04/28 11:47
Whole Heart - Taylor Berrett the fog is landing on this cold street halfway to where my world and yours meet i turn the car dial up and feel the false heat Before I'm back home, lying getting no sleep I grew up running from the outside Spent evenings

Hayley Taylor How Good We Had It歌词

05/02 20:00
There was a tide pool we were going to see There was a morning we were waiting to greet And there was love still coming There was love still coming We didn't know how good we had it We wanted a fantasy We didn't know how good we had it But now we're

James Taylor Carolina in My Mind歌词

04/27 13:14
In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina Can't you see the sunshine Can't you just feel the moonshine Ain't it just like a friend of mine To hit me from behind Yes I'm goin' to Carolina in my mind Karen she's a silver sun You best walk her way and watch it s

Allan Taylor Some Dreams歌词

05/09 08:33
Some dreams are big, some dreams are small 有些梦想很大,有些很小 Some dreams are carried away on the wind and never dreamed at all 有些随风而去,不再想起 Some dreams tell lies, some dreams come true 有些如同谎言,有些成真 I've got a whole lot of dreams and I can dream for you 我做过了很

Natalie Cole Unforgettable歌词

05/04 01:49
unforgettable, thats what you are unforgettable though near or far like a song of love that clings to me how the thought of you does things to me never before has someone been more unforgettable in every way and forever more, thats how youll stay tha

Natalie Ooh歌词

05/08 11:57
ooh 歌手:natalie 专辑:natalie althazhou制作 ooh ooh ooh ooh always thinkin' of you (always thinkin' of you (ooh, uh, ooh, ooh)) i just wanna touch you (i just wanna touch you (ooh, uh, ooh, ooh)) anything you want to (anything you want to (ooh, uh, ooh, oo