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Jason Chen I Wont Give Up歌词

03/18 00:49
[ti:I Wont Give Up] [ar:Jason Chen] [al:The Covers, Vol. 4] Jason Chen - I Wont Give Up When I look into your eyes It's like watching the night sky Or a beautiful sunrise There's so much they hold And just like them old stars To be right where you ar

Jason Chen 背叛歌词

04/29 07:17
Rain just won't seem to fall But you, don't seem to care at all I've being waiting patiently, for your love to come to me Singing alone in my misery Now all I feel is pain And I refuse to keep playing this game I gave my life my love to you Now you l

Jason Chen 童话歌词

05/05 15:53
送给可爱.纯情的P.S.同学! Maybe I will love you Don't know how long It's been a while since You told me your favor story It's been on my mind Driving me crazy Am I the reason that (you're crying now) harmony I see the tears in your eyes They tell me you don't

Jason Chen Solo (Game For Two)歌词

05/03 20:46
Jason Chen--Solo (Game For Two) From the moment you walked into my life, Everything felt so right. From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew I had to make you mine. Girl you had me hooked on your love but it was all a game to you. You drove a s

Jason Chen Just A Dream歌词

04/29 18:34
I was thinking about her Thinking about me Thinking about us (us) Where we gonna be Open my eyes (Yeah) It was only just a dream... So I travel back (Uh) Down that road (Yeah) Will she come back? (Uh) No one knows I realize (Yeah) It was only just a

Jason Chen The One That Got Away歌词

04/27 09:00
Summer after high school when we first met We make out in your Mustang to Radiohead And on my 18th Birthday We got matching tattoos Used to steal your parents' liquor And climb to the roof Talk about our future Like we had a clue Never thought that o

Jason Chen If You Want Me To Stay歌词

03/27 08:31
got my bags at the door 把我的包放在门边 im getting ready to leave 我准备好了,要离开 ohh ohh i can tell there's something 我能肯定有些事 you wanna say to me 你想告诉我 ohh ohh baby speak your mind 宝贝,说出你所想的 cos you're wasting time 因为.你在浪费时间 it's a quarter to nine 现在差十五分钟九点 and

Jason Chen Best Friend歌词

03/25 15:07
Do you remember when I said I'd always be there. Ever since we were ten, baby. When we were out on the playground playing pretend. Didn't know it back then. Now I realize you were the only one It's never too late to show it. Grow old together, Have f

Jason Chen Rocketeer歌词

05/06 10:12
Rocketeer Remix (feat. J.Reyez) here we go, come with me there's a world out there that you should see take my hand, close your eyes with you right here, I'm a rocketeer let's fly up up here we go (go) up up here we go (go) let's fly up up here we go

Jason Chen Hold My Hand歌词

04/28 05:21
This life don't last forever (Hold my hand) So tell me what you're waitin' for (Hold my hand) Better off being together (hold my hand) Than being miserable alone (hold my hand) Cause I've been there before And you've been there before But together we

Jason Chen 心动心痛歌词

04/27 11:16
男:黑夜渗透了思念 偷不走微光闪现的千种画面 我背着伤痛离开 孤单拖着记忆支离破碎 女:原以为不会改变 眼泪在脸颊上干枯失去知觉 合:我的心挣脱了爱 跟随着夕阳埋进了海洋 为什么相爱的人却又为爱而纷争 现实的翅膀扰乱原本幸福的气氛 我有我的过错 我有我的疑惑 藏在面对面的折磨背后 为什么让爱躲进乌云密布的天空 随着风漂流在外一点一点的散落 慢慢远离的梦 渐渐冷却冰封 心痛都当初相遇的心动 男:慢慢远离的梦 女:渐渐冷却冰封 心痛都当初相遇的心动 专辑:Jason Chen Music 歌手:Ja

Jason Chen Grenade歌词

05/02 13:37
Grenade(Jason Chen) Easy come,Easy go That's just how you live oh Take take take it all But you never give Should've known,you was trouble From the first kiss had your eyes wide open Why were they open Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the tras

Jason Chen 说好的幸福呢歌词

04/29 05:58
你的回话凌乱着 在这个时刻 我想起喷泉旁的白鸽 甜蜜散落了 情绪莫名的拉扯 我还爱你呢 而你断断续续唱着歌 假装没事了 时间过了 走了 爱情面临选择 你冷了 倦了 我哭了 离开时的不快乐 你用卡片手写着 有些爱只给到这真的痛了 怎么了 你累了 说好的 幸福呢 我懂了 不说了 爱淡了 梦远了 开心与不开心一一细数着 你再不舍 那些爱过的感觉都太深刻 我都还记得 你不等了 说好的 幸福呢 我错了 泪干了 放手了 后悔了 只是回忆的音乐盒还旋转着 要怎么停呢 你的回话凌乱着 在这个时刻 我想起喷泉旁的

Jason Chen 学不会歌词

03/25 13:00
All your struggles make my hearting but my love stands true. Forget the rooms keeping your hiding on right here with you. I know that love is not always easy, but if it's true,you'll be more than willing to give it all expected thing back and find it

Jason Chen Perfect歌词

05/12 19:30
Made a wrong turn,Once or twice Dug my way out,Blood and fire Bad decisions,That's alright Welcome to my silly life Mistreated misplaced,Misunderstood Miss "No way,it's all good" It didnt slow me down. Mistaken,Always second guessing,Underestima

Jason Chen Unexpectedly歌词

05/02 20:31
I have always been a man with a plan Always prepared, never once to lave it to chance But It's all unscripted, when I'm with you It seems familiar, yet it all feels so new All of a sudden I miss you Thinking bout all of the things that we've been thr

Jason Chen Diamonds歌词

04/30 21:46
Find light in the beautiful sea I chose to be happy You and I, you and I We're like diamonds in the sky You're a shooting star I see A vision of ecstasy When you hold me, I'm alive We're like diamonds in the sky I knew that we'd become right away, oh

Jason Chen Guilty歌词

03/18 23:25
[ti:Guilty] [ar:Jason Chen] [al:Glass Heart] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.17]Guilty - Jason Chen [00:01.12] [00:11.22]Are you scared by what he put you through [00:15.32] [00:16.06]Is that why you feeling like you do [00:20.15] [00:21.00]You keep building

Jason Chen Thank You歌词

05/07 18:35
Been thinking about all the days you were Right by my side Been thinking about how you never Left me behind And all of the things that you said to Help me ease my mind And I don't know where I'd be Without you in my life (Prechorus 1) Now I just Wann

Jason Chen Lazy Song歌词

04/06 12:34
Today i don't feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed don't feel like picking up my phone So leave a meeage at the tone Today i swear i'm not do anythiing Nothing at all Yeah i'm gonna lick my feet up and stare at the fan Turn the TV on T